In contemporary modernized world, each of us is among the constantly evolving technology and continuous development of new technologies in all areas of modern living - industry, customs, military, medicine, security, etc. Human constantly wants to keep pace with innovations and strive for improvement. With the advancement of technology we increasingly use modern equipment to facilitate our daily lives, at work, at home and even at leisure. Such devices are computers, mobile phones, tablets, WiFi and Bluetooth devices, base stations and antennas, radar systems, radio and television transmitters that transmit and receive signals of different mobile devices, microwave ovens, remote control devices, TVs, security systems, server centers, medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, industrial and household appliances, electric motors, power lines, transformers, power and even electric wires laid in the walls of the premises, etc. All these 'modern' subjects, however, have its harmful electromagnetic radiation, of which we are imperceptibly exposed without being aware of it.
Sources of electromagnetic radiation are superimposed on each other in space and form a so-called electromagnetic pollution or electrosmog.
Since we cannot stop technological progress and information and communication innovations, we need to look for ways in which to reduce or limit the harmful effects of these electromagnetic radiation to which we are daily exposed.


Electromagnetic field (EMF) is a combination of electric and magnetic fields. Between these fields, there is a link that takes the following form - alternating electric field gives rise to an alternating magnetic field and vice versa. Disseminating in space alternating EMF is called an electromagnetic wave (EMW) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The number of oscillations (repetitions) per unit time is called the frequency of the EMW, and is denoted by “f” and is measured in Hz (Hertz). The distance between the two oscillations is called wavelength marked with “λ” and is measured in meters. EMF has energy – electromagnetic energy. It is a sum of the energy of the electric and magnetic fields. Unlike the case of the permanent fields that energy is transferred from one area to another area in the space. The main feature of the EMW is that once occurred, it does not need its source anymore. It can be said that the EMF is self-sustaining. Unlike mechanical, EMF can spread at a vacuum.
Depending on the wavelength λ EMF can be low frequency at which the wavelength is several hundred meters, and to move to very high frequencies, e.g., x-rays of a wavelength as measured in a trillion of meter. Electromagnetic waves are divided into non-ionizing (radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light) and ionizing (ultraviolet radiation, X-ray and gamma-radiation).


People cannot see, hear, smell or touch electromagnetic waves (EMW), but they exist in our daily lives without us unaware of this and fill the space around us. They can be identified and measured.
Compared to other environmental factors EMR are the first in level of intensity and level of harm to humans. Estimations made by experts show that electromagnetic pollution is the cause of the occurrence of about 30% of all diseases. Specific subjective sensations associated with exposure to EMW are: rapid fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea, visual disturbances, decreased sexual activity, malaise, irritability, memory loss, sleep disorders and other. Emissions negatively affect the entire body, but most suffering are central nervous system and cerebrum, cardiovascular system, hormonal system, reproductive system and immunity. Particularly dangerous it can be to children and pregnant women, to people with diseases of the central nervous system, also for people with allergies and weak immune.